ADHD is Me-      

I always knew I was different.  

I needed excitement, change, and stimulation.  

I was drawn to those who were different, thought out of the box, and who sought help. 

I readily pursued a career in special education with a passion for helping others.


I spent hours on homework, trying to please.  

Frequently was off in a different world, on a different track.  

I always seemed to take on more than was possible to accomplish, and expected perfection.  

Often frustrated, I sought new and different ways to problem solve.  

I found the world of game design, and used it as a unique avenue of teaching.


My career went from classroom to clinic, always trying to find a new solution. 

Then, I moved to running an evaluation center, to directing a school for children with special needs.  

Now in retirement, my motor is still running as I reach out to those of you who may want to benefit from this long life of finding survival strategies.

Iā€™m here for you, if you need me.

-Dr.  Joan



            Educational Consultant                      Community Resource Center

            Director                                                  Lullwater School

            Diagnostic Specialist                          Howard School Psychoeducational Evaluation Center

            Consultant                                             BOCES, Buffalo NY

            Laboratory Supervisor                      Achievement Center for Children, W. Lafayette, IN

            Classroom Teacher                            Romney, IN

                                                                             Columbus, OH


            PH.D.              Georgia State University

            M.S.                Purdue University

            B.S.                Wittenberg University

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